Subscription Options

Combined Alpha

  • Free 30 day trial
  • Mixed strategies
  • High returns
  • Low drawdowns

Tactical Volatility

  • Free 30 day trial
  • Adapts quickly
  • Diversified signals
  • Crisis alpha

Cross Asset Momentum

  • Free 30 day trial
  • Momentum factor
  • Ensemble models
  • Crash protection

Dynamic Rebalance

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  • Uncorrelated assets
  • Portfolio optimization
  • Crash protection

How to trade

Read the instructions below to understand how our email subscription works:

  • We send out an email to our subscribers every day before 11 AM Eastern time. The email contains the day’s trading position.
  • You will receive one of these signals in your email. It will contain the ticker names we recommend you buy/sell, along with allocation percentages. The allocation percentages will be marked as Conservative and Aggressive depending on risk tolerance.
  • All trades we make are executed market-on-close for the day (4 PM Eastern time). A majority of brokers allow users to place market-on-close orders at any point throughout the day. Market on close orders  will ensure you track the results posted on the site more closely. If your broker does not have market-on-close orders, we recommend placing the order as close to the market close time as possible.
  • To calculate how many shares to buy of a particular ticker, use the following formula:
    • Number of Shares = allocation percentage in signal * (Capital allocated to strategy)/(Price per share for selected ticker)
  • You can copy this spreadsheet to make calculating the number of shares easier and also provide futures equivalent funds.
  • You must subscribe to a strategy to access its mailing list and the daily indicators.
  • We sometimes have an allocation in our strategies to CASH. You can treat this as uninvested capital or invest it in CASH-like ETFs like short-term treasuries (SHV/SHY/VGSH) or actively managed funds (JPST/MINT).

Please refer to a sample email with the strategy signals here.