Strategy Enhancements for 2021

Since launching this website in May 2020, we’ve been absolutely delighted by the number of people who’ve reached out and had thoughtful discussions with us about our strategies. We’re also super grateful to all our subscribers who’ve stuck around through good months and bad and have also made some pretty… Read More »Strategy Enhancements for 2021

Of Futures and Daily Leveraged ETFs

Today we thought we’d explore the nuances of daily leveraged ETFs, the so called ‘volatility drag’ they impose and if/how futures are a better vehicle for leveraging for retail traders. This post was inspired by questions one of our subscribers asked so we thought it might be worth turning it… Read More »Of Futures and Daily Leveraged ETFs

Trend-following, volatility targeting and Ensembles for Bitcoin

Note: We’ve started offering a refined version of the strategy outlined below here. Today we’ll incrementally build a strategy using trend-following, volatility targeting, and ensemble models and we’ll use Bitcoin as our use-case. Why bitcoin? Because it’s a maddening asset-class that’s extremely volatile over short periods of time and seemed… Read More »Trend-following, volatility targeting and Ensembles for Bitcoin

Leveraged Permanent Portfolio

What’s the one free lunch in investing that everyone agrees about? Diversification That’s one of the reasons people espouse a broad-based equity index fund like the S&P500. What better than owning 500 of the largest market-cap weighted firms in America! Amazing diversification!  Some people go a step further and say,… Read More »Leveraged Permanent Portfolio

Can we beat index funds?

Why do index funds keep winning? And can we do better? Broad-based equity indexes, like the S&P500, keep beating anyone and everyone. This is especially true over long periods of time. Why? Lot’s of ink has gone into explaining it, but the TLDR boils down to two reasons: Low fees… Read More »Can we beat index funds?

Leverage up and down

Leverage is such a dirty word in finance. Images of greed, gluttony and eventual doom spring to mind whenever it’s mentioned. Stories of high flying, and high failing 3x daily-leveraged ETFs. The vol-pocalypse of February 2018. Other miscellaneous disasters all involving leverage are all brought up. What is leverage though,… Read More »Leverage up and down


Passive index funds have beat almost anything else over the long run. Why is that? It’s because they follow their rules. They trudge along their path uninterrupted. No concern about getting cut in half every few years. Not worried about those pesky human emotions of fear and greed when the… Read More »Welcome