Our Story

Passive index funds have beat almost anything else over the long run. Why is that?

It’s because they follow their rules. They trudge along their path uninterrupted. No concern about getting cut in half every few years. Not worried about those pesky human emotions of fear and greed when the world seems to be going to hell.

But do the humans following those indexes also feel the same way? Ask anyone who has lived through stock market crashes. It’s much easier to see a drawdown chart than to live one.

We’re professionals in the tech industry who wanted better. We thought there must be something better than passive buy and hold that wasn’t fake promises of doubling your money every month. We were happy with investing for the long run and being humble about our process, not with having our portfolio cut in half every decade. We wanted to beat passive investing over the long run.

Our algorithms are a distillation of years of study in search of something better. Of finding proven ‘factors’ that beat buy and hold over the long run when used in a systematic manner. Of careful asset class selection and thoughtful portfolio construction. Of recognizing that prudent risk management is being humble in the face of unknowns.

Join us on our journey!